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Eric Gale and friends-Negril


Eric Gale - guitar (1938 - 1994)
Gale, whose parents were from Barbados, was an established jazz and rhythm and blues musician who worked with Grover Washington Jr, Roberta Flack and Aretha Franklin. In the late 1960s, he was one of several top-notch American musicians brought to Jamaica by singer Johnny Nash to record with Nash, The Wailers and Byron Lee.
For Negril, Gale used some of Jamaica's best session men, including saxophonist Cedric Brooks, Wailers bass player Aston 'Family Man' Barrett, pianist Keith Sterling, organist Leslie Butler and percussionist Uzziah 'Sticky' Thompson.Richard Tee, the respected American pianist, worked on one track, while Peter Tosh played rhythm guitar on I Shot the Sheriff.
Johnston remembers Gale making frequent trips to Negril to soak up the town's rustic vibe.
"It was the days of candlelight, battery radios and thatch roof houses," said laughing. "Musicians loved going there."
Gale cut eight songs for Negril. The title track, East Side West Side, Rasta andNegril Sea Sunset gained respectable airplay from Radio Jamaica and the Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation.

and wiki says:
Negril is an instrumental album originally released in 1975 from a session produced,
arranged and mostly composed by Eric Gale, and including some of Jamaica's best-known musicians.
It bears the name of an impoverished Jamaican seaside village which, in 1975,
was yet to become a popular tourist destination and had unsophisticated accommodations,
but a splendid beach and natural beauty
which inspired Gale to memorialize it.
Negril was recorded at the Harry J Studio in Kingston, Jamaica. It was originally released
in Jamaica by Micron Music Ltd. and in England by Klik Records (KLP9005).
In 2003 it was issued as a CD by Roving Spirits (Japan).
The CD is now out of print and, because it is not available for legal digital download,
sellers demand high prices for used copies.
Download links to apparently illegal digital copies of Negril are found at various web sites.

Eric Gale - lead guitar, producer,arranger
Aston Barrett - bass guitar
Leslie Butler - organ, synthesizer
Cedric Brooks - saxophone, percussion
Paul Douglas - drums
Val Douglas - bass guitar
Joe Higgs - percussion
Sparrow Martin - drums
Keith Sterling - piano
Richard Tee - piano
Uziah Thompson - percussion
Peter Tosh - rhythm guitar, lead guitar
Michael Johnston - executive producer
Sylvan Morris - recording engineer
Buddy Davidson - mixing engineer
Trevor Campbell - art and cover design
Recorded at Harry J. Studio, Kingston
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